What is slow fashion?

Anchored by slow island vibes, for us at iland co, fashion is about making beautiful, unique and amazing clothing that you’ll wear and wear again. Gorgeous garments and designs that are timeless that you will keep forever and take with you holiday after holiday.

This is part of what slow fashion is all about. Being more mindful about how we make clothing and how we consume it. It means choosing quality, sustainability and ethics over low cost, quantity and speed. It's a sustainable approach to fashion so that we can do better for the environment. Slow fashion ultimately reduces waste, lowers your carbon footprint, saves water and animals.

And it supports small businesses like us striving to make fashion with the planet in mind.

That's why we create simply amazing kimonos, tops and dresses that are on one of a kind, statement pieces made from beautiful material. We make small, handcrafted batches of design to ensure little to no wastage ends up in landfill, with each piece of clothing made with love and care. We deal directly with our factories and tailors to ensure sustainable conditions for our partners and make thoughtful choices in our production.

Our clothing is intended to be kept forever and to be worn again and again and be worn a variety of ways!

Take our classic Chiara Silky Kimono in Leopard Print . This wonderful piece is perfect for a beach cover up, as casual throw over shorts and tee, as a layering piece, as statement event piece, it can be worn open or done up!

Again, with our beautiful Holiday Silky Scarf/ Sarong in Leopard, there’s multiple possibilities for you to create multiple outfits and re-invent a single garment. Short skirt, maxi skirt, dress, kimono, top. A timeless and versatile piece.


We are constantly thinking of ways we can be more thoughtful in our designs so they we can create pieces you will love and wear always, from day-to-day life, and during your island time too! 


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