Sexy Summer Make-Up Tips


As the heat rises, getting your make-up look just right can get tricky. Having to contend with sweat, oil and natural elements like sand and salt water can throw your normal routine into a spin. 

iland co knows the struggle is real and have found the best make-up hacks to keep you looking hot...not hot and bothered. 


Sexy Summer Makeup Tips


Great Foundations


Just like everything else in life, laying great foundations leads to much better results. With beauty this means working on your health. Nothing can beat an amazing natural glow that oozes health. In summer one of the most important things is staying hydrated. Add this to eating fresh, nutritional food and your skin is going to look amazing. Check out the benefits of Green Juices here and the amazing healthy eating lady bosses we love to follow.


Cover Up


We know you have been told this constantly but do you actually protect your skin? If you skip the sunscreen because you are worried about excess oil, make sure you check out these tips and products from Positive Health Wellness. We love their suggestions on tinted gel cream and Minish Mist. 

Now you have your face covered, make sure you protect the rest of your delicate skin. Want to know how to get the perfect Kimono beach look? Check out this great post.  


Change It Up


Keep your make up as light as possible. When it's hot, the last thing you want is a mask of make-up sliding off your face. Not only will it feel terrible, it's not a great look. This will mean swapping products that you use in winter and changing the way you apply your make-up.

Another thing you will need to change is your colour palette. As your skin gets its summer glow you may need to change the colours of your products such as foundations, blushes and even eyeshadows. Not keeping up with these changes will leave you looking washed out. 


Make a Splash


Make a splash waterproof makeup


Changing some of your products to a waterproof type is a must, not only if you are hitting the beach but also for general everyday wear. This will stop your make-up look deteriorating from flawless to scary during those sweaty moments. And don't just think this means mascara. Check out some great waterproof items you need to add to your sexy summer look here.


Sexy Summer Makeup Tips


Want to know the 10 Must have Make-up products for the perfect beach look? Click here to head to Positive Health Wellness and check out their great article.

Make up done to perfection?... Next get the perfect beach hair 

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