Dubrovnik Must Do's

Dubrovnik is one of those magical cities that seems to be on so many peoples bucket list. 


Dubrovnik-City Walls TravelwithMeraki


Whether you want to experience the history steeped UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, follow in the footsteps of the GOT cast in Kings Landing, or laze in the brilliant blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city.




If you only have the one day in Dubrovnik we suggest checking out Airbnb for some close by accommodation. You may be lucky enough to find a cute little apartment right inside the city walls!

Public transport is very good in this area so don't be afraid to look for cheaper alternatives outside of the Walls. Arriving up to the imposing 25 metre walls by water taxi from the nearby town Cavtat is an experience in itself.




One of the first thing you should do when getting to Dubrovnik in the morning is walk the 2km walls that surround the medieval city. Gates open at 8am so get in line to purchase you tickets. We suggest walking the walls early to avoid the crowds that will engulf the city later on ( especially when the cruise ships dock ) and to also avoid the searing sun. Cover is minimal on the walls so heading up during midday leaves you red faced, hot and bothered. Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and a light cover to protect your skin.


Dubrovnik-City Walls TravelwithMeraki



Before you walk up the stairs to the wall why not fill your water bottle up at Onofrio's Fountain.  This huge fountain has been offering cooling water from a nearby spring to locals since 1438.

Once on the walls you will have jaw-dropping views of the shimmering Adriatic Sea on one side and the labyrinth of the Old City on the other. Watching nuns tend gardens and locals walking to work shows that this city is not only a tourist attraction but a working, living town just as it has been since the 13th Century.  

If all that walking is creating a thirst there is a cute little cafe on the walls to stop for ice-cream or a drink. 


Dubrovnik- City Walls. TravelwithMeraki



From the walls you may have spotted some great spots you wanted to visit in the town so now its time to go and get lost amongst the narrow snickets and bustling squares.


Dubrovnik- City Walls. TravelwithMeraki


For those that want to make sure you don't miss anything you can head to the tourist centres and grab a free walking tour guide. Our favourite though is to wander along the cobblestones that have been polished smooth from centuries of visitors and get lost. Around every bend you will discover something new. A cute cafe ( with daily visiting cat), a restaurant serving freshly caught seafood or a local craftsman selling traditionally embroidered goods. Lots of the main attractions are well signposted so you will still find your way to places like the Rectors Palace or the beautiful Franciscan Monastery easily. 

To get the local experience why not head to the Old Town Market in Gundulić Square for some beautiful fresh produce or Croatian craft.




One of our favourite spots was the Buza Bar which sits on the cliffs just outside of the walls. Finding the entrance can be a little challenging but thats half the fun! Once you walk through the hole in the wall you are greeted with fun retro rock, jaunty umbrellas, tables dotted on whatever cliff ledge is big enough for them and views that will take your breath away. 


Dubrovnik- Buza Bar. TravelwithMeraki


Enjoy a cocktail..or three and take a dip straight off the rocks into the warm sea. Perfect!


Dubrovnik- Buza Bar. TravelwithMeraki




Although you can swim in a few areas from the rocks around Dubrovnik we loved hoping on the ferry over to Lokrum Island. The ferry runs every half hour during peak times and costs cover entry onto the Nature Reserve Island. 


Dubrovnik- Lokrum Island. TravelwithMeraki


While admiring the local peacocks that are dotted around the island you can choose from a few swimming holes to wile away a few lazy hours. There is a mini salt filled lake in the centre of the island for those that want a bit of a Dead Sea experience, or for the brave the naturist beach!

We walked along paths until we found the perfect spot for us. Just be warned most beaches are rocks rather than sand so appropriate foot wear will make the experience much more enjoyable.

If you get peckish there is a restaurant in the are of the Benedict Monastery. 


Dubrovnik- Lokrum Island. TravelwithMeraki



After a day in Dubrovnik we are sure you will want to spend longer!

There are still so many activities to explore.  How about the 400m cable car up Mt Srd that has spectacular views over The Old Town, as well as museum showing you the terrible bombings that occurred here during the war in the 1980's and 1990's? Or a day trip to one of the nearby towns?

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Is Dubrovnik on your bucket list? Make sure you pin this article for when you get to visit.  

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