How to Wear a Kimono (No Matter Where You Live)

ins and outs of kimonosWhen you think of kimonos, do you think of the Japanese Geisha-style of red, luxurious fabric with gold designs and sash for a belt? That style of kimono has been in their culture for centuries and usually springs to mind when people hear the word 'Kimono'.

However, the Kimono has evolved since the Japanese original and it has become an adaptable investment available in many different shapes and lengths. Designers interpretations of this versatile piece have made the Kimono a staple in many women's wardrobes these days. Take a look at how celebrities are wearing them

So what type of Kimono suits your style? Read on to discover what works best for who and different occasions.

We’re Talking about Fabrics

Kimono's come in a variety of fabrics including chiffon, silk, crepe, cotton, lace and velvet.  The lighter fabrics such as chiffon and silk, will skim the body and blow in the breeze. Think softer than soft silk gliding with every step you take. Remember silk is lovely but it does need dry cleaning, which makes chiffon a great alternative as you can hand wash it and you are good to go.  A lightweight Kimono is a great travel piece too, as they take up hardly any luggage space and can transform your outfit from day to night. Here's a great iland co. Kimono that's perfect for travelling.

Heavier fabrics such as cotton or velvet will act more as a soft jacket, keeping you warm and perfect for Autumn.

Are There Different Lengths of Kimonos?

Kimonos can fit into just about any kind of fashion sense. There are lengths for every type of outfit you desire. If you want something short, like a Kimono jacket, they’re a great add-on to almost any outfit. This could range from a bathing suit to jeans and a tank. You can definitely take some fashion risks with these. The best part about it is that it can be so much fun putting together different outfits. If you want a more casual look, then the short-length is for you.

Looking for something with a little more coverage but still show some leg? Iland co.'s mid-length is what you want in your wardrobe. These can be a little more flirty and fun to play around with while you wear them. Same wardrobe criteria (didn’t we tell you Kimonos are great?!) but it’ll come down past whatever short bottoms you have on.  You can also wear these with a belt around the waist as a tunic dress, as the sit mid way between down the thigh.

Is elegance your theme of choice? Then a maxi-dress length Kaftan (basically a long version of a Kimono) is what your closet needs. It’s flowy and makes you feel very special as you go through your day and into night. Silk can make you want to wrap yourself in its arms while chiffon gives you that airy feeling. They both work in different situations.

Do I Have to Live by a Beach to Wear a Kimono?

While Kimonos look incredible as a bathing suit cover up, that is definitely not the only way they can be worn. In fact, you’ll see women everyone wearing them over tanks, shorts or capris. Think casual with a little more style. You can slip one on to go grab a bite to eat, watch the latest movie or provide a little warmth as you take a midnight stroll along the beach. The options are endless.

What Kinds of Shoes Can I Wear?

You gotta love shoes, right? Or else you don’t in which case you don’t have to wear any! Going barefoot with Kimonos and Kaftans is perfectly acceptable (except for possibly eating establishments!) and you should revel in the freedom! Of course, flat sandals with your casual look creates a finished look for those who prefer, or need, shoes.

What Accessories Look Great with Kimonos?

The real question is what can’t you wear! Beachy jewelry looks great with Kimonos. It can make it feel like a more complete outfit and spruce up. Need extra protection from the sun? Add a fun, floppy hat and stylish sunglasses to your look. It can be quite stunning when it’s all put together.

So there you have it: The ABCs of Kimonos. Now that you know what they’re all about and the options available, you’re free to grab a few for yourself and start experimenting with your new look.

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