Discover your Skin Tone and what colours make you shine

Ever worn an outfit that everyone comments on and just makes your skin radiant? Chances are you picked a hue perfect for your skin tone.

We know that colour can be a little intimidating but if you are able to select colours that compliment your skin as wardrobe staples, we promise you are going to look amazing.

So what is skin tone?

Skin tone actually refers to the colour underneath the surface of your skin. You may have the same surface colour as someone else but your skin tone can be totally different because of the undertones. 

They are broken down into three basic types:

Neutral - Is a mix of warm and cool undertones.

Warm - These are more golden and peach undertones.

Cool - Think blue, pink and red undertones.

Don’t Judge by skin colour.

It is a very popular misconception that ladies with dark skin must be warm tones and ladies with pale skin have cool tones. This is so untrue. 

Think Taylor Swift ( pale skin but Warm skin tone) and Kim Kadarshian ( Dark skin but Cool Skin Tone).

How to decide which skin tone you are.

A quick way to see what skin tone you are is to check your veins. 

Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist right now. 

More bluish veins means you are likely to have cool undertones.More greenish veins means you are likely to have warm undertones.

Another great way to help decide is the neutrals test.

Think about what you have worn in the past and which neutral shades flatter you the most.

If it is bright whites and blacks then you are more likely to be cool toned. If it is more ivory, or tan shades then you are probably warm toned. 

If you find it hard to decide with either of these tests, the chances are that you are neutral toned. 

Just remember that there is no defining test and that these are guidelines only. The best way to get to know your skin tone is to pay attention to what colours flatter and enhance your natural colouring. 

Why not share this with your bestie and find out what skin tone she is? 

Now to Colours.

Now that you know your skin tone make sure you add the right colours to your wardrobe. 


Best Neutrals - Think off whites, greys, taupes and blush tones.

Best Colours - Luckily for you, you can go most colours in the rainbow. Pay attention to shades though and go for more muted and softened hues like soft pink, lemon and lavender. Brights are still on the table with emerald green looking fabulous on you. 

Colours to Limit - Very bright or vivid colours can overwhelm you easily. 

Celebrities with Neural Skin Tones: Rachel mcAdams and Angelina Jolie


Best Neutrals - Browns like latte and dark warm brown. Choose whites that are more creamy.

Best Colours - Golden colours like orange, amber and reds look great as well as warmer colours like olive, magenta and deep turquoise. 

Colours to Limit - Tones such as sapphire, ruby and ice blue can make your skin look lack lustrous. 

Celebrities with warm toned skin - Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez.


Best Neutrals - Navy, grey and pure whites look great on you.

Best Colours - You can wear colours ranging from jewelled tones like sapphire and amethyst through to deep purple and lavender. With warmer colours why not go shocking pink or ruby?

Colours to Limit - Most tones of yellow and orange do little to flatter your skin tone. 

Celebrities with cool toned skin - Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett. 

It is worth mentioning that these are colours that enhance your natural skin tone and look great. It doesn't mean that these are the only colour you can wear.

If you are cool toned and you fav colour is yellow, why not add a bright yellow bag to your look or even a cute yellow skirt? It is best to keep colours that do not flatter your skin tone away from your face but it does not mean exclude them from your wardrobe all together.

Share your skin tone with us? Did you already have a wardrobe full of great colours for you?

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