How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for your Face Shape


Finding the right sunglasses that suit your face shape can make all the difference to your summer look.

By finding out your face shape and which stye of sunglasses are right to compliment that shape, you are guaranteed to set off your looks to perfection. 

Get it wrong and your shades can accentuate all the wrong bits. 




The first step in getting the perfect sunglasses is finding out which face shape you have.

Here are a couple of easy ways to determine yours.




Standing in front of a mirror, measure these points on your face and note them down -


Measure the point just under your eye from one side of your face to the other.


You will be able to feel the end of your jawline just below your ears. Measure from one end of your jawline to the other end by going around the bottom go your face.

Face length.

Measure straight down the centre of your face, over your nose, from your hairline to the bottom of your chin.


By placing the measuring tape along the halfway point of your forehead, measure from one side of your hair line to the other. 

Over at Evo they have created a great video to show you exactly how to measure your face. Watch here…



By comparing your measurements you can now determine which face shape you have. 




A less accurate method is to draw your face shape. 

Pull back your hair from your face and stand in front of a mirror. Grab an old lipstick or some chalk and then draw around your face reflection. Once you step away from the mirror you should have a rough shape to compare to the face shapes below.





If you have a heart shaped face you have a wide forehead and cheekbones with the narrowest point of your face being your jawline. 

Styles that suit - Cat eye, round shades and retro square frames.

Styles to avoid - Frames that are too fancy or embellished. Stay away from frames that have straight lines along the top. 

Image Guise Archives



Your face is quite long and you have narrow cheeks and chin if you have this shaped face.

Styles that suit - Oversized and wrap styles. Thicker frames can add that extra width to your face and those with sharp angles will help define your features by giving them some sharpness. 

Styles to avoid - Styles that appear too narrow for your face such as smaller frames.

Image T. Carrigan



If your face is overall quite balanced you have an oval shape. 

Styles that suit - Lucky you! Most shapes will suit your face. Frames with a slightly angular look really set off your face shape and it is best not to hide those great features behind oversized frames.

Image Themeplus



Your jawline and forehead are quite broad in comparison to the rest of your features. When you measured your face you will find your face is about as long as it is wide. 

Styles that suit - Round and cat eye frames help balance out any sharp features. Aviators look fantastic too.

Styles to avoid - Square and other geometric frames. Stick to soft edges and rimless styles to soften your features. 



You have fuller cheekbones which are the widest part of your face. A narrower jaw and forehead complete the round face. The angles in your features are also less defined then other face shapes.

Styles that suit - Square, wrap, wide and rectangular frames. Oversized shades also look great. All creating a thinner look.

Styles to avoid -  Round styles and other curved frames. Lenses which are coloured can also make your face appear fuller.

Image Gage Skidmore

Types of Sunglasses


There are so many different  shapes and styles of sunglasses available to us that it can get a little confusing.

We love this simple chart, that shows the perfect style for your face. 


Image: Fashionara


If you are still a little confused about the perfect style for you or you just need more help why not head over to this great online tool at Sunglasshut



Did you find the perfect style for you? Make sure you save this great guide on pinterest for future reference.  


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