Time for a Cruise Vacation, Ladies!

cruise at nightCruise vacations can be a great experience with your bestie, a close group of girlfriends or even if you go solo. It’s time to just to get away from it all —responsibilities and worries—and focus on you.

It’s important to know which kind of cruise vacation best suits your needs right now (keeping in mind that these needs might change from time to time). When you do your research for deals, make sure you’re as diligent when figuring out which cruise line and what type of cruise suits you for this moment of your life. A good deal won’t feel like a good deal if you’re miserable the whole trip!

Pros and Cons of Cruising Solo

Have you ever had a day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, even if that whatever is absolutely nothing? It can feel pretty priceless when those days are far and few between.

Now imagine an entire cruise vacation being that way.

You have a week, two weeks, a month, to plan—or not plan—exactly what you want to do and not worry about entertaining anyone else. It can be freeing and liberating, and quite honestly, an incredible way to recharge your batteries. You can go back to the real world with a fresh pair of eyes with an intention to take on anything that comes your way.

Just because you get to plan your day for yourself doesn’t mean you might not want some company. On a cruise ship, you are usually not void of people being all around you! However, if you’re one of those women who tend to thrive off of other people, doing cruise sans friends may not be for you.

However, a singles cruise might be just perfect.

Over the years, cruises for single men and women have become quite popular. Since cruises tend to have themes—family, romantic, Disney—having cruises that are specifically for those without a significant other can be a dream come true.

cruise at nightOn a singles cruise, you’d be surrounded by other singles looking to mingle and have fun. You might join in some fun games and activities and get to be friends with other single gals. It doesn’t have to be about meeting a mate; girlfriends are just as important. After all, on a cruise you’d be able to meet people you would’ve never have even laid eyes on otherwise.

Types of Cruises

There are those cruises that are meant for peace and tranquility. It’s not exactly a ‘party’ atmosphere but rather a time for looking inward and for reflection.

Then there are those cruises that are completely made for letting loose! Drinks flow and dancing abounds.

The question is: which one do you want?

Dubai is a Place of Beauty

Dubai is quickly becoming a favorite travel destination for people all across the globe. What better way to explore the area than by a cruise? If you’re in the United Kingdom you’re in luck! Cruises to Dubai are becoming quite a regular occurrence.

Cruises from Dubai go almost anywhere you want: Los Angeles, Australia, Hong Kong or even Africa. The list in mind-boggling!

Afraid you’re not going to find the perfect length of time you’re wanting for this awesome cruise adventure with your friends? Fear not! There are one-week excursions all the way up to 30 days! Yes, dear friends. 30 days to explore some of the the world’s paradise locations. Check out a list of options at http://www.cruisecompete.com/vacations/departs/dubai/1.

For Our US-Based Friends

Stressed out with work? With family? With trying to do it all? Then Cruising into Balance is perfect for you. It’s all about helping you discover—and put into practice—stress-reducing techniques that you can use to start enjoying life again. It’s an overall feel-good cruise with a dose of healthy tips thrown in for good measure. 

ocean view at sunsetSo, where do you get to go on this relaxing—yet educational—cruise? You’ll be taking Holland America cruise line for a seven-day trip along the Mexican Riviera starting in San Diego. Find out more at womenscruisesandretreats.com.

Don’t Forget Your Kimono

Kimonos were meant for cruises. You have wind, sun, and the beach—and you don’t need all three! Their light fabric packs neatly and doesn’t take up a lot of precious room in your suitcase. Wrinkles fall away. What is left are kimonos that can you’ll be able to wear sightseeing or for your fancy evening dinner.

So many choices for your to cruise around parts of this glorious world. Tell us about your favorite cruise below!

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