Style Guide - Here's our 8 Easy Style Rules you can apply to every out fit

 We've all been there!

A wardrobe FULL of clothes but absolutely no idea what to wear. 

If you are anything like us, you will keep going for the same handful of pieces day in and day out.     

Except the days when  they are in the washing basket - which feels like All. The. Time. 

You have a wardrobe full of other pieces but they are pushed to the back - as you can just never work out how to style them. 

Well! We are here to help!

Did you know though, that there are 8 EASY style rules you can apply to every outfit? 

Stylists already know these rules and guard them closely... . but we are sharing them with you because we know the struggle ourselves..

We want to take the stress out of putting your outfit together each morning, as well as have you look effortlessly put together each and every day.  

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These are tried and tested style tips that help you dig out those awesome pieces hiding in the back of your wardrobe and fall in love with them again.

We hope you love this styling tips and they are helpful to you!

Much love,

The iland co. team.