Which Length Kimono Suits You Best?

The different lengths of kimonos in style today can get overwhelming when you are trying to pick which one is perfect for your look.

To help out we have put together a quick style guide to make deciding which length is perfect for your wardrobe a whole lot easier.

Of course the beauty in kimonos are that they can create so many moods and looks, making them brilliant additions as a style staple. 

This makes the suggestions below more ideas rather then set rules. So remember the most important thing about your look is…have fun!


Short kimonos usually sit just under waist height. They tend to have more of a casual feel to them and are great for everyday wear.

They can be added to most daytime looks and can create moods ranging from super feminine to rockstar chic depending on the print you choose and the outfit you put them with.

If you are adding your kimono to an outfit with jeans, the shorter kimono looks fantastic with either a bootcut or flared style.

Short kimonos are also perfect for beachwear. Adding a little extra cover from the sun or some modesty for those that are a little shy or self conscious. 

The shorter lengths are amazingly versatile and can be worn as a kimono cardigan, a jacket or as an open blouse.

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The mid length style generally comes to just above the knee and adds instant elegance and glam to most outfits.

With the longer length this style is great for having some fun with layers. A shorter length tight fitting dress or pencil skirt for example is great under your mid length kimono. This can dress down your look from evening wear to office style in one simple step.

Slim fitting pants such as skinny jeans or leggings also look great with this length kimono giving you a beautiful flattering shape. 

If you want your kimono for every season this is also the perfect length. Short enough to still wear comfortably at the beach but also long enough to look amazing with boots and warmer outfits in winter.

Our favourite look for the mid length kimono is as a wedding day robe ( with matching bridesmaids of course). Just pick the perfect print and you have the most gorgeous keepsake from your special day that you can wear in so many different ways after the big day.

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Long Style

The longer style kimonos sit around ankle length or just ‘dusts’ the floor.

This length adds instant wow factor to any look and is great for evening wear or standing out from the crowd. 

The longer kimono is also great for adding amazing layers to your wardrobe. Team with maxi dresses for a festival boho look or slim fitted trousers for an elegant, classy style. 

This length is especially great if you are tall as it creates a longer and leaner shape to your outfit.

We hope this has given you some great tips on which length kimono is best for you. 

Many of our iland co kimono prints come in all three lengths so now you just need to decided which is going to be your next wardrobe staple! 

Decided which length is your perfect style? Let us know which one in the comments below.

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