Words from the owner

What is iland co?

We're a Melbourne based brand in Australia. At the heart of ILAND Co is a powerful insight: the bold individual who yearns for authenticity and sustainability in fashion. We stand as the antithesis to fast fashion’s echo chamber, celebrating personal style and environmental stewardship in every garment we create. Our brand is a sanctuary for the free-spirited, a canvas for the confident, and a harbour for the peace-seekers. We exist to empower and inspire, crafting clothing that’s not just worn, but lived in—garments that resonate with the individual’s essence and their commitment to the planet.

Our mission, our voice, and our essence coalesce into a clarion call for the Style Individualists—the eco-conscious, the quality seekers, and the luxury enthusiasts who believe in the longevity of their wardrobe and the power of their impact. This is where the revolution of slow, intentional fashion takes hold, where every thread spun is a statement of defiance against the transient, and every choice made is a step toward a more authentic, stylish existence.

ILAND Co - Where fashion is freedom and luxury is lived with purpose.

Nannan Yu (Owner/Creative Director)

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Our differences

Purpose & Mission

Our difference lies in our unwavering commitment to slow fashion and our dedication to crafting clothing that speaks to the soul. Unlike the ephemeral nature of fast fashion, ILAND.Co pieces are designed to last, to be cherished, and to tell a story. We diverge from the norm by ensuring that every garment is a testament to quality, a luxurious experience that doesn’t come at the Earth’s expense. Our designs are not just clothes; they are a canvas for self-assurance, a symbol of freedom, and a step towards a greener tomorrow. ILAND Co doesn’t just dress you; we provide a wearable legacy that aligns with your values and amplifies your voice in the movement for a sustainable future.

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