Chiffon, Crepe and Silk Kimonos...Oh My!

Lauren Olive Green Chiffon KimonoWhen it comes to fabrics, it can be difficult to know what kind of kimono fabric is best for which outfit or situation. They’re all light and airy, but do some have qualities that are best reserved for certain scenarios?

Let’s take a look at some of our kimonos and the fabrics in which they are made.


Here is ultra-light, sheer fabric. It’s got just a slightly rough feeling and stretches slightly. Chiffon likes to billow and not lay completely flat. It can be very fun to wear!

Chiffon is a delicate fabric so it must be treated with care and washed by hand. For those who have worn our kimonos and kaftans, they know it’s all worth it!

Chiffon is also a popular fabric for blouses, lingerie and scarves. You want something that is light but adds a great flair for fashion? Chiffon might be your best best.

One of the greatest attributes of chiffon is the ability to resist wrinkling. All those trips you take? You don’t have to worry about your kimono being all creased. Indeed, you can just roll it up and it’ll be good to go when you’re ready to wear it.

Bernadette KimonoIt’s also a very cool fabric. You don’t need to worry about overheating in your kaftan on a warm day or night. Chiffon will allow you to still say cool and comfortable. And always fashionable, of course.


Crepe is a fun textile that offers a different kind of look. It has a natural “wrinkled” appearance that allows a more casual look. Don’t worry about looking disheveled; crepe can be a beautiful fabric that is similar to that of chiffon.

Like chiffon, it is a light and cool fabric while providing the wearer with grace and poise. For long or short kaftans/kimonos, it drapes effortlessly.

Packing is a breeze with crepe being naturally wrinkle resistant. Not only that, the fabric is thin and takes up very little room in an already packed suitcase. A kimono could even be stored in your handbag. Can’t get more convenient than that!


Is there another fabric like silk? It’s natural, soft and, well, silky. You automatically feel luxurious and glamorous when you put it on, no matter what ‘it’ is.

 leopard print silk maxi skirt Are you sensitive to certain fabrics? Even those that have difficulty finding fabric that doesn’t irritate them are most likely to find success with silk.

Silk is also unique for how it can help keep you warm and cool, all without adding bulk. When it’s warm, it can soak up a lot of sweat without you even feeling it. The breathability of silk is lovely, thus the reason it’s also a great fabric for bed sheets.

Silk is not a weak, delicate fabric. In fact, out of all natural fabrics, it is the strongest. Surprised?

As you can, each fabric has its benefits and reasons why they make great maxi skirtsbeach dresses, kimonos and kaftans. Depending on your situation, pick a garment that suits your needs the best.

Which fabric is your favorite?

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