An eco-sustainable fabric

A fabric that's planet-forward
Here at iland co, at the heart of our creations is sustainability, with each step of our design process is with intention to be sustainable. From making small quantities to ensure there is no overproduction which ends up in landfill, to working closely with our factory partners to repurpose scrap fabric into packaging materials - we are always thinking of how we can do our part for the environment.
We are all about slow fashion - being mindful about how we make our clothing. It means we choose sustainability and quality over cost and speed. It's why we focus on making pieces you'll keep and cherish forever, but that are also made from materials that are environmentally conscious.
And we know that you guys, our customers too, are conscious about fashion that is more than stylistically trendsetting, but trendsetting its in environmental impact.
So that's why the fabric we choose to make our gorgeous garments from is important to us. That's why we use an eco-responsible fabric known as EcoVero - a sustainable fashion alternative to regular viscose. EcoVero is made from made from wood, a natural and renewable raw material carefully sourced from responsibly managed forests. This wood pulp then goes through a closed-loop manufacturing process, turned into cellulose. From there, it goes through a wet spinning technique - with the end result being fibers ready to be spun into EcoVero threads.
EcoVero has a lower environmental impact, having 50% less carbon emissions than general viscose, and 50% lower water impact - a huge positive step in  sustainable fabric production. Plus, it has EU Ecolabel certification, which guarantees adherence to environmental and sustainability standards throughout its life cycle. Overall, this viscose has a lower environmental impact through its resource efficient process - a huge win for slow fashion.
The end product is soft, comfortable, lightweight, breathable and durable material that resembles the soft and luxury of silk that can be turned into beautiful dresses, kimonos and kaftans. So, with so many of us, including you, our iland co. lovers conscious about slow and sustainable fashion, we are so glad we can make a choice that does our small part.

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