Top Summer Styling Tips

We all look forward to summer but the reality is that the combination of heat and sun can leave you looking sweaty, frazzled and less the glam.

Here are our top summer styling tips to looking gorgeous and cool this sizzling season.

Start at the top.

The best way to protect the delicate skin on your face is to put a hat on. Sunburn is not only a very uncool look, it hurts, looks terrible when it peels and it ages your skin.  

Make sure you go for a stylish wide brim that will have the added bonus of protecting your shoulders. Another great tip is to make sure your hat is in a woven material that lets your head breathe and stops that sweaty feeling. 

Scarfs in Summer?

Yes, we know it sounds like it will make you hotter but actually a small cotton scarf is great for absorbing sweat. If you dampen it with a little cold water it also feels amazing on those really hot days. 

Tie one loosely around your neck…or if you’ve forgotten your hat up around your hair.

Go with the flow and layer.

Another great way to stay cool is wearing a couple of light layers instead of one heavier layer. Wearing a sheer kimono like our cute bird print style over a loose fit tee is a great example. Keep all your layers loose fitting. This allows air to circulate more freely and there is less contact with fabric on your skin so you have maximum breeziness. Tight tops may look cute at first but as the heat rises they will start to stick to you, making you feel uncomfortable and less then sexy.

Keep it simple.

Avoiding excessive embellishments on your clothing such as metal and beading. This allows fabrics to breath better and move more freely which keeps you cooler. It is also a good idea to keep jewellery to a minimal look. The less things that have contact with your skin, the cooler you will feel.

Say no to sweat stains.

The last thing a girl ever wants is sweat marks…anywhere. 

Never have to worry about these sweaty nightmares again with the simple secret of patterns. Choosing a small and light coloured print is a great way to make sure you can wave your hands up in the air like you just don't care, all day long. 

Our gorgeous paisley print kimono is a great example of a super cute pattern that will keep you looking cool all summer long.

Ditch the Excess Baggage.

Leave the big bulky bags, back packs and shoulder bags at home. All that contact with your body just makes you hot and bothered while leaving sweaty marks behind. Instead opt for a small, thin strapped bag that lies across your body. 

Be light on your feet.

Go for comfort and style with footwear. Flat, open-toed sandals are a great option to keep you cool and adventuring all summer long. Make sure they are supportive with a small strap for versatility. Another great idea is to make sure you break your shoes in before you head off on that summer journey. Blisters are never fun.

Share the summer love and pass along to a friend to help keep them looking cool this season.

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