How to be Picture Perfect in Every Photograph

We have all had those cringe worthy photos of us tagged on Facebook or Instagram.

Here’s how to look smokin’ hot next time the camera is pointed your way.

From Top to Toe

Usually hair is one of the first things you will notice in a photograph so it’s important to think about your look. Obviously not all your candid moments are going to have salon perfect hair but there a few tips to making your mane looking fantastic.

Quickly flip over your hair and ruffle the roots with your fingers before flipping it back over. This gives a natural, bedhead sexy look with a little volume.

Don’t have your hair sitting on your shoulders. It gives a messy look to all pictures. Instead think about either having your tresses all behind, in front or to one side if it’s not tied up. 



A fake smile never makes for a good photo. If you’re not already smiling about something make sure that you create some happy vibes by thinking of a memory that will make you smile from the warm and fuzzies.

Another way to get the perfect smile is to place the tip of your tongue up at the back of your top teeth. This will stop those big goofy grins.  


Avoid the dreaded double chin

No matter how slim you are, if you don’t hold your head right for photographs you can end up with chins.

Although it feels very unnatural you actually need to stick your face forward for photographs. Go practise in the mirror if you don't believe us!  Another way to think about it is to bring your ears forward. This stops you from sticking your chin up and out which will end up in a full nostril view. You will instantly look slimmer and no double chin.


Fancy Framework

Never stand with your arms flat against your sides. You will press your arms flat, making them look bigger and it also instantly makes you look uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Instead bend those limbs, for a much more flattering and confident look. The easiest way to do this is by putting your hands on your hips ( just like all your fav stars on the red carpets.)

Another tip is to turn your body so that you are not face on to the camera. If you have one shoulder towards the camera and the other away from it you will create a much more flattering line. The basic rule to know is that whatever is closest to the camera will be emphasised. If you are super self conscious of any body part in particular make sure it’s not put towards the camera.


Instant Replay

One of the best ways to make sure you always look picture perfect is to find your favourite photo of yourself. Study what you like about it then work on copying your pose and look. It may feel a little weird but practise in front of the mirror until you have got your signature look down to perfection…Blue Steel anyone? 

Share your fav photo tip!

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