Essentials you can't do without in your carry on luggage.



Here at iland co we love to take off to explore new and amazing destinations.

We think one of the most important parts of your holiday is getting those carry-on essentials just right. Being well prepared for your trip means you start your holiday stress free as well as ensuring you land at your destination fresh and ready to hit the ground running. 

Check out what we can’t travel without during our flights.


The Bag


There are a few important things to consider when choosing the perfect bag. 

  • Size : Check with your airline on size restrictions for your carry-on. You don’t want to get to the airport with your perfectly packed bag to realise they wont let you take it onboard. 
  • Plenty of compartments for easy access: Going all Mary Poppins while trying to search for your passport is not fun. 
  • Durability: You want to take this on your many adventures. Not have it fall apart once you get to your destination on your first trip. 
  • Neutral: Pick a colour scheme that will go with all of your transit outfits ( and iland co kimono's of course ) for a clean, fresh look.


One of our favourites is this gorgeous Kate Spade Design



Important Essentials


You aren’t going to get very far without those important travel documents. Make sure you have these vital things in your bag.


  • Passport
  • Flight Tickets
  • Itinerary
  • Credit cards, cash cards and cash: We love the ease, and lack of fees when travelling with cash cards. It’s worth checking out this option before you leave as you can put multiple currency on some cards. We also take some cash with us to cover us in those situation we can’t use our cards. Remember to get some local currency for the destination you are visiting.
  • Travel Insurance
  • An address of where you are staying: You will need this for immigration forms. If you are catching a taxi from the airport to your hotel address its great to have on hand too.


We also take photographs of our important documents and keep these with us ( either in your phone or email them to yourself ), just in case.


Another item we can’t leave home without is a travel wallet to keep all this vital information together.


We love this Michael Kors for a little bit of holiday bling.





Yes we know there are hours of onboard entertainment but even that gets a bit dull for us during a long flight so here are some great boredom busters to take with you.

  • Laptop/Tablet : Make sure they are fully charged before leaving home and that you have the chargers with you!
  • Headphones:  Great for when you want to block out the other couple of hundred passengers and escape into your own serenity.
  • A good book: We love old fashioned paper books but if you are low on space grab your ebook device.
  • Phone: Do we ever leave home without it?. Don’t forget the charger. You could also look into prepaid travel SIMS to make texting and instagramming your envy worthy holiday snaps so much easier.
  • Pen and notebook: The pen’s also great for those immigration forms we mention earlier.



There are some things you are going to need to make your flight comfortable if you want to breeze through the arrivals lounge movie star fresh.


  • Neck Pillow
  • Eye Mask: There’s always one passenger who keeps their reading light through the whole flight.
  • Water bottle. It’s so important to hydrate during flying. Keeping up your water intake also helps with jet lag at your destination. Do not fill this up until you have passed through security at the airport though.
  • Socks
  • Medication. It’s always good idea to carry some basics like pain relief as well as any of your regular medication.
  • Hair ties and a brush.
  • Shades: Just incase you didn't get enough shut eye.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: A great option are the small disposable kits.
  • Facewipes: These help you feel fresh instantly.
  • Deodorant: We usually pack a small and easy roll on. Remember to consider the liquid restrictions for carry on luggage. We also take a small ziplock bag to keep our liquids together. This makes things so much easier when heading through security.
  • Moisturiser: We find that flying really dehydrates our skin. A tinted moisturiser can make you feel fantastic after a long flight without being as heavy as your regular foundation.
  • Lip Balm
  • A change of underwear and top: Just incase your luggage is delayed. This can be a life saver!


Another must have is one of our kimonos. Choose a fabric such as crepe or chiffon for a fresh, stylish look. They are easy to pack, light and offer that little bit of cover that you may need on the flight. Most importantly they make you feel like a million dollars even after a long haul journey! 

Some of our season favourites we are taking on our travels at the moment can be found here




Did we forget anything?
We would love for you to tell us your carry-on essentials in the comments below.

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