Travel to Tahiti

clear waterLocated in the heart of the Pacific, Tahiti has many unique qualities that are quite extraordinary. If you’re looking for an island adventure that offers something different, consider Tahiti.

Overwater Bungalows

Take a typical bungalow, put it over the water, add a glass floor and you’ve got yourself an overwater bungalow. And, yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. You can be eating lunch or sipping on cocktails as you watch the marine life swim below you. They have high-class amenities and privacy that you’ll appreciate.

Spa Joy

Nothing reduces stress quite like a massage or other spa treatments. With the beauty of Tahiti, the experience is just accentuated. Vacationing with a significant other? Take advantage of a couple massage and discover how it can make you feel even closer to one another.

Shark Lover?

Sharks are fascinating creatures. Now imagine seeing them in the ocean swimmingoverwater bungalows peacefully around you. That’s exactly what can happen when you partake in shark feeding. Although a trained professional actually feeds the sharks, you are standing (or floating) in shallow water nearby. Not fond of the water? You can stay safely on the boat and be a part of the experience.

Time to Take a Tour

You might think this is a given on any island, but Tahiti takes it to another level. The variety of tours available are incredible. Take a car ride yourself if you want to take in the views around the coast privately. They also have bus tours available that can provide you with interesting details about the island. If you want to explore the inner part of Tahiti, take a hike (literally) or go by horseback. Then, of course, there’s always the helicopter view if you want to go all out!

Here Comes the Bride

With the risk of stating the obvious, Tahiti can be an amazing locating for a wedding. Whether it’s spur of the moment or a planned event, it can be unforgettable. When you have the backdrop of the island, the love of your life, flowers, music, dancers and whatever else you can think will add to the occasion. Don’t worry about missing out if you’re already married. Renew your vows!

Snorkeling with Manta Rays

sailboatsIt’s not every day that you can say that you were eye to eye with a manta ray. The crystal clear water will astound your senses as you can fully enjoy the marine life that make a home in Tahiti. There are numerous places you can choose to dive, with each one bestowing its own special greatness on the snorkeler.

Let’s Go Cruisin’

There’s just something about a cruise that gets people excited. There aren’t many cruises that are better than the ones offered at Tahiti. You can go on a regular cruise to the islands, but some of the best ones are the more personal options. Take a Tahiti cruise in the lagoon; go island hopping; catamarans can be great for small group of friends or family. Really, there are so many options that you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and desires.

If Tahiti wasn’t on your short list of hot spots to visit, maybe it is now. Unique. Unforgettable. Tahiti.

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