No Stress Packing Tips

airplane at sunsetTravel is incredible, right? You get some sunshine, relaxation and some much-needed time away from it all. The not-so-incredible part is packing for whatever ‘what ifs’ may occur on your adventure. In fact, it can be quite stressful!

All the airline restrictions are enough to confuse—and annoy—anyone. We’ve all heard the horror stories of four gallons of breast milk being dumped because it wasn’t within regulations. Completely heartbreaking.

As someone who travels, you want to prepare yourself for the unknown. Now, it’s difficult to cover all your bases, of course, but it’s worth giving a gallant attempt!

The Basics are Okay When It Comes to First-Aid

When it comes to a travel first-aid kit for a plane trip, keeping it simple is the best best. No need to try to sneak something in; you don’t want to risk ruining your whole vacation!

Anything sharp, like scissors, can be important to have with you during your travels, but they are not allowed on carry-ons. That pretty much makes sense since you don’t want weapons of any kind easily available for people to grab. However, feel free to stick them in your check-in baggage.

Taking a road trip? Obviously, not many rules apply. The most important thing is to pack anything that you feel you may need in an emergency.

What About Medications?

You might car travelthink that packing medications which clear the security checks in airports is tricky. It’s actually very simple—if you know the guidelines.

Prescription meds in their original bottles are accepted. Be sure that the name on the bottles reflect the name on your plane ticket. You want to have all your scripts in one bag so that security has an easy time looking them over as you have to declare them.

If you need some non-prescription meds, those can also be taken in your carry-on with little trouble. However, think travel-size as you pack.

    Otherwise, if you’re not traveling by plane, just make sure you keep the medications as cool as possible and out of direct sunlight.

    Then There’s the Liquid…

    This is the tricky part of packing and where a lot of people get into trouble. There are major restrictions—no matter what the liquid is—so make sure yours fall within the guidelines. Remember: think small!

    Each container of liquid has to be 3 ounces or less. Don’t even try to pack 3 ounces of liquid in a larger container and just not fill it all the way. The containers themselves have to be 3 ounces or less as well.

    You need to pack said containers into a single clear, plastic, quart-sized storage bag. You only get one!

    If you’re diabetic, it’s essential to prepare for whatever travels come before you. It could literally mean life or death to you. The same 3 ounce container regulations apply to you, so make sure you abide by them.

        caribbean beachThe biggest thing you have to worry about if you’re traveling by some other means than plane is keeping the liquid from spilling. There’s nothing like getting to your destination and discovering a mess when you open your luggage. Then you have to spend your time cleaning it up rather than doing what you really want to be doing: almost anything else!

        Take the stress out of traveling by knowing what—and how—you need to pack first-aid, medications and anything else you need to have with you. Write out a list of everything so nothing slips through the cracks.

        If the needed prep is done, then you have nothing to do but to enjoy your travels and bask in the sunlight. Exactly what you were meant to do.

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