When your own backyard is a slice of paradise, it becomes the perfect playground to play dressups. In this series, the iland co. team try on some of those special pieces that perhaps once piqued your interest and tell you how they wear them.

Want the look? Shop Khaki Linen Pants and Violet Leopard Kimono.

Want the look? Shop Safari Brown Leopard Print Kimono, Mixed Weave Timber Stretch Bracelet and Round Weave Tote Bag Leather Straps.

Want the look? Shop Lake Como Chiffon Kimono Chilli Red, Matilda Cat Eye Sunglasses and Marrakech Scrunchies.

Want the look? Shop Leopard Print Silk Blend Kimono, Saturday Woven Basket, Shop Midtown Sunglasses and Spearmint and Blue Animal Print Kimono.

Want the look? Shop Peachy Pink Leopard Print Chiffon Kimono.

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