Australia is on fire

Since September, the bushfires engulfing parts of Australia have caused so much irreparable and widespread damage, with 25 lives lost, an estimated one billion animals killed, and 12.35 million acres of land containing approximately two thousand homes burnt to the ground. It's truly heartbreaking.

We have responded as individuals and as a brand with multiple donations, including sending clothing to those in affected areas via the @redcrossau.

The number of lives broken, homes destroyed and wildlife devastated, have us totally lost for words. For now, focusing on helping those most urgently in need is all we can do. Uniting through the grief, uniting through generosity, uniting through our voices and actions. All of these things breed change, and we are so hopeful that the future will be led by those with the values to make a difference, to protect our planet and its inhabitants.
Let’s unite as a community. Please donate if you can.⁠ Every dollar helps.
@nswrfs - NSW Firefighters⁠
@redcrossau - Australian Red Cross Disaster and Relief⁠
@wireswildliferescue to help a BILLION animals injured or displaced⁠
@salvosau - Salvation Army disaster appeal.

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