10 Best Travel Apps

AustraliaApps can come in very useful while you’re traveling. There seems to be an app for almost everything. Luckily, there are apps that can help make traveling a little easier. Take a look at some that you can use before—and during—your travels.

Frequent Travelers

1) TripCase - Are you an avid traveler who needs to manage multiple trips? TripCase could be the perfect app for you. It keeps your itineraries neat and tidy and sends you information about them, as needed. Your travel plans at your fingertips. Always.

Dog Lovers

2) BringFido - You love your dogs! As a pet parent, you want to bring your fluffy pal with you as much as possible to share the experience together. You might need a dog-friendly hotel in order for that to happen. Not only does BringFido recommend lodging, they also provide suggestions for air travel, restaurants and other pet services. Enough to make you and your pooch very happy on your next get-away!

Before You GoItaly

3) TripAdvisor - This app is very useful when you’re trying to figure out what to do. If you’re ever at a loss, just pull this up, type in the city that you’re visiting and an in-depth list of activities will appear with extremely helpful reviews. They’re in order according to the review ranking, so it’s easy to just go down the list and see what strikes your fancy. Never be bored again!

4) Packing Pro - Are you list maker? This Packing Pro app will allow you to make all the lists you could ever want for your upcoming trip. Unlimited number, unlimited length and share them with anyone you’d like. They have sample lists of items you’d need based on the number of people on your trip or you can make one completely on your own. This makes creating lists for packing and taking care of things before leaving even more fun!

During Your Travels

5) GateGuru - While traveling by plane, keeping track of the gates, time of departures, arrivals (and all that other good stuff) can get very confusing. GateGuru allows you to have all of the information in the palm of your hand. Easily accessible with more facts about the airport and the city in which you’re arriving. Saves you time and hassle. Can’t we all use something like that in our lives?

Ireland6) CityMaps2Go - No matter where you are or where you’re going, CityMaps2Go will help you discover all kinds of gems without having to worry about roaming. You can save any offline map to help your organize your trip. Can be a great tool for any vacation you’re planning.

7) AroundMe - Don’t know where you are and where you want to go? This handy app will tell you all the goodies around you: banks, gas stations, restaurants and so much more. Better yet, once you choose your destination, it’ll show you how to get there! Can it get any easier than that?

Traveling for Business

8) Expensify - Traveling for work? Expensify makes it super simple to keep track of your receipts and other expenses. Once you take a photo of your receipt, it uploads into your account. Voila! Add expenses manually, add times when necessary, track mileage expenses and create an expense report. No more worries about losing receipts!

Foreign TravelChina

9) Bravolol - Foreign travel can bring up its own set of challenges. If you’re not a native speaker of the country, it can be quite challenging to communicate the simplest of requests or questions. Bravolol takes you by the hand and helps you navigate the world a little easier. It provides common phrases that might be used in your country of choice, allows you to compare your pronunciation with the real thing and—get this—requires no internet connection. Eccellente!

10) Currency - While traveling abroad, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to worry about the currency exchange. With the nifty app, Currency, you’ll know exactly how much is what in your currency so you’re not stuck with any unpleasant surprises.

Traveling can be stressful—no matter if it’s for personal or business purposes. These apps can make your travels a little more enjoyable.

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